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Relax, tasty food, drinks and fun. Oktágona beach&restaurant, located on the northern coast of Brindisi, only few minutes away from the city airport, is the perfect place to spend the day on the beach, pampered by the kind staff in a peaceful haven.


Passion, attention to detail and personal well-being create Oktágona’s heart. Born from the experience of Moccia brothers, Brindisinian architects and building contractors, who for decades transformed places into “spaces to live”, the design comes from their desire to create a new location concept, bringing to the tourist sector the same commitment, determination and style, which characterize their projects.

The beauty and aesthetic pleasure are reflected in the elegance of forms, synthesizing in the name, Oktágona, a visual and functional concept. In modern Greek language, it means octagons, name chosen for the historical and geographical relationship linking Brindisi to the Balkan Peninsula. There are, in fact, two octagonal structures, bar and restaurant, the hearts of the beach, the contemporary concept of “round terrace by the sea”.

Equipped with many amenities, Oktágona is designed to make your stay a moment of complete relaxation, whether for a break of a few hours, away from the bustle of the city, or to spend an entire day lulled by helpful staff, the beauty of the landscape and the exclusive service.

Oktagona - Oktágona
Oktagona - Oktágona

Oktágona beach&restaurant's services

Oktágona beach Sun beds and umbrellas on the beach Sun beds and umbrellas on the beach
Oktágona beach Sun beds on the grass Sun beds on the grass
Oktágona beach Bathing huts with private shower Bathing huts with private shower
Oktágona beach Privée Privée
Oktágona beach Restaurant Restaurant
Oktágona beach Beach Bar Beach Bar
Oktágona beach Relax Area Relax Area
Oktágona beach Kids Area Kids Area
Oktágona beach Event and fun Event and fun
Oktágona beach Private functions Private functions
Oktágona beach Meeting and conventions Meeting and conventions
Oktágona beach Bike rent Bike rent
Oktágona beach Launching corridor Launching corridor
Oktágona beach Parking and transfer service Parking and transfer service
Oktágona beach Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi
Oktágona beach Accessibility Accessibility