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beach bar

From breakfast to aperitifs, until after dinner, the bartender delights the guests and makes special every pleasure moment. The sea view, the sound of waves, the fragrance of nature, Oktágona is the right set to enjoy your break with the five senses.

The cocktails bar

Oktágona won the ‘Best Beach Bar’ National Award in 2016 and 2107.  The bar is the heart of the beach, changing during the day and the seasons to meet all customers’ requirements.

The bar menu propose many different cocktails, long drinks, soft drinks, fruit shakes, and a select list of wines, sparkling wines, spirits and liqueurs. Together with the delicious sips, Oktágona kitchen proposes finger foods, vegetable tempura, seasonal cheeses and exclusive tastings.

The music, which runs during the morning so soft and pleasant, becomes louder and stronger in the afternoon.

At night, concert dinners and parties ranging from jazz to soul, from “house music” to pop.

Oktágona entertaining programme includes a Literary Festival, by presenting local and nationally known authors, and the Film Festival “Under The Stars”. The beach can also transform itself into a theatre and dance stage and promote different forms of art during all year.

Oktágona is designed for everyone, even for the kids. The entertainers are professional people, always happy to play with them.

Oktagona - Music beach bar
Oktagona - Music beach bar

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